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Grupo de Ecohidráulica Aplicada
Office: AD0012
Campus Unversitario "La Yutera"
Avd. de Madrid, 44 (Edificio A)
34004 Palencia

Telephone: (+34) 979 10 83 58

Contact timing: 9:00-14:00

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About Juan Francisco Fuentes-Pérez

Juan Francisco Fuentes Pérez

Dr. Fuentes-Pérez is the research leading the EU MC funded Smart Fishways project. Juan Fran is a passionate of ecohydraulics and sensors for environmental monitoring. His goal is to increase the technification of ecohydraulics field, by providing accessible tools to cover the multiple research gaps in this discipline and to, finally, achieve a responsible adaptive management of our rivers. Smart fishway is the culmination of his two PhDs, one in Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems (University of Valladolid, 2017), about fishway hydraulics, and another one in Information and Communication Technology (Taltech, 2019), about the development of flow sensing technologies.

His research is highly multidisciplinary encompassing ecohydraulics, flow-sensing technologies, sensor networks, CFD, freshwater fish preference/ecology and fishways.

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